Data catalogues contain information about individual-level and unit-level data suitable for research use. In addition to the data catalogue’s content and the target group’s general description, they will often have detailed descriptions of individual variables. The purpose of data catalogues is to present an accurate picture of the available data and make it easier to use it for research.

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Taika Research Data Catalogue Taika is a research data catalogue maintained by Statistics Finland that showcases their pre-compiled unit-level data intended for research use. The catalogue contains general descriptions of the data, as well as variables and their descriptions. The research data in the catalogue is subject to a charge and requires a permit to use.
The THL data catalogue The data catalogue of THL is under development.
KITE availability service KITE is an open web-based catalogue of biosample collections intended for researchers that has a search tool for searching and browsing the available Finnish biosample collections and their variables.
Aila Data Service The Finnish Social Science Data Archive’s Aila service portal includes the research data kept in the FSD, as well as comprehensive details in Finnish and English. The service started as a social science archive, but has since expanded to health sciences and the humanities. No registration is required to browse and retrieve the data or read the description information. Some of the data is also free to download. Data in Aila is anonymised.
Etsin research data finder Etsin is a research data finder for various fields of research that lists the metadata, i.e. descriptive information, for research datasets. The finder allows users to search for data based on different metadata, such as subject area, producer and format, and evaluate the usefulness of the discovered data for their purposes. Etsin also lists where the data is kept and what its access permissions are. service for Finnish open data The service is aimed at being Finland’s central platform for distributing open data. Open data refers to data accumulated by public administration, organisations, companies and private individuals that has been opened for use outside the organisation without charge but requiring permission. All datasets in have been anonymised.